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Applications 2020/7/31

Water pump industry

Constant pressure water supply frequency conversion technology is adopted.It can effectively improve the use of water pump, long duration, low single machine efficiency, low operating efficiency, backward regulation and other shortcomings.

Iron and steel industry

Different control schemes are adopted according to different conditions and technical requirements of the site to realize the manual/automatic double-loop control system to ensure the continuity and efficiency of production.

Rubber industry

If the mixer cannot meet the technological requirements of the product under power frequency power supply, the motor speed can be increased by frequency converter and the inching reverse control can be used to eliminate the faults.

Pharmaceuticals industry

The frequency converter realizes multi-stage speed regulation for the main drive of pharmaceutical workshop, which is more suitable for the production process requirements. For example, it provides different growth rates in different bacterial growth cycles, which is more favorable for bacterial growth and improves the qualified rate of products.

Chemical industry

The frequency converter is used to change the flow rate, liquid level, pressure and other parameters in the production process of chemical enterprises, so as to realize the automatic increase and decrease of resistance and thus to improve the problem of large power loss.

Textile industry

For example, in the application of roving frame, ac frequency conversion is used to speed the speed, and the cone-wheel speed change mechanism is removed, so as to overcome the problem that the cone-wheel speed change belt is not accurate.

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